Moments 2
We're excited to announce that we are transitioning to Moments 2 soon!

Meditations fully custom to you, in seconds.

With Moments get custom meditations based on how you feel our natural AI-guided mentor.

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I feel stressed, I have a lot of deadlines soon.


Moments is a meditation app that uses AI to deliver unique and natural sessions.

AI Personalisation

Based on how you're feeling, Moments will generate a meditation.

Guided Meditations

A natural AI voice will guide you through your meditation and deliver your session.

Meditation Reminders

You can set reminders to make meditation a regular habit in your day.

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Free Forever

For beginners in meditation.

  • 5 Meditations monthly
  • Email Reminders


Moments Pro

For people who meditate regularly.

  • Unlimited Meditations
  • Early Access to new features
  • Everything in Free


Moments Workplace

Great for employee wellbeing.

  • Unlimited Meditations
  • Special + Volume pricing
  • Domain based signup
  • Everything in Pro

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